Travel to Israel

Hello, friends. Just a quick note to those of you planning a trip to Israel to Israel this month. I know that you are keenly interested in the actions taken this past week by the Israeli military in Gaza. You may want to know what I think. Well, my purpose in this limited space is not to comment on what is happening in Gaza or why. That deserves another forum. But I am concerned this morning with the related issue that some of you may miss out on an exceptional, life-changing experience in the lands of the Bible because of the suggestion of danger due to these events. This would be most unfortunate.
After almost thirty years of work in the middle east, I have seen just about everything. Enough to get a read on how people make decisions about travel at times like this. Here’s my take. Almost always, the decision will inevitably come down to the emotional makeup of the individual and/or their well-meaning family and friends, and not to the reality of life on the ground in Israel. In fact, Gaza is NOT Israel. Life in Israel today is normal. You see this right away when you are there.

Please consider this. And also consider that a trip to Israel requires that you trust God with your life just as you do every day at home. The risks are very much the same.

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