Our director and guide, Bryan Widbin (Ph.D., Brandeis University, in The Bible and the Ancient Near East), is an ordained Christian minister and former resident of Israel.  Fluent in the languages and cultures of the middle east, he enjoys the prominence of guide credentials with both state and clerical agencies (a status attained by few others!) .  A prolific presenter of topics on the world and cultures of the biblical peoples, Dr. Widbin is currently Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages in Nyack, NY, where he and his wife, Karen, reside.

Bryan is unmatched as a guide.  His heart is to provide a penetrating experience in Israel that is both richly informational and deeply inspirational.  He cuts a fresh alternative to traditional tours or pilgrimages lead by local guides, on the one hand, and technically-oriented courses taught largely in classrooms in country, on the other.  Each day contains something for the mind, something for the heart, and something for the spirit, with emphases that are wholly unique.

One emphasis of every trip is to present the program in a biblically chronological way.  Sites course according to the following:

  • The patriarchal and matriarchal ancestors of Israel
  • Early Israel and the desert wanderings
  • National Israel
  • The Greco-Roman world of the Gospels
  • The life of Jesus (presented in seven sequential phases)

Another emphasis is on frequent personal encounters with the various peoples of the land.  Whether visiting with an Armenian shopkeeper, a Circassian villager, a Druze priest, an orthodox Jew, or a desert sheikh at his campsite, all play a role in an absolutely singular experience in store for you on a BibleSettings Israel Trip.

We realize that making a decision to travel to Israel is a big decision, and we also know that our view of BibleSettings trips may be a bit biased.  If you want to see what past travelers have said about their experiences, visit our testimonials page.  We are confident you will feel the same way!