Well, its been about four weeks since we left for Israel and about 2 1/2 weeks since we got back from Israel. I wanted to take a few lines to say “thank you” for a wonderful trip/tour. Doris and I are still processing some of the information. We did an Israel presentation in our church this past Sunday evening. It was fun to do and the people seemed to enjoy it. One person said he wants to go to Israel and he wants to do it with you!

Two weeks ago I preached on Luke 7 and the widow of Nain. It still remains one of the most memorable stops for me. Of course, for Doris and me so many things were not only memorable but also deeply moving. As people ask us what was the most memorable it is hard to pick just one thing or to explain the overall impact, but we were deeply impacted and we hope to go again. A couple of our friends from another Alliance Church a few hours away were visiting this weekend and they said they want to go on your tour and have us go along with them. That would be fun!

Bryan, it was so good to reconnect. I am always greatly encourage when I see a deep love for God in scholars like yourselves. It was also evident in David Denyer. It was good to get to know him. I recall the days at Trinity and I am glad we could reconnect as friends. It seems strange when I talk to people about you and refer to you as “our tour guide”. You do a great job as a tour guide but Doris and I found it so very special to be guided by a friend we know and appreciate. 

Date of Posting: 13 July 2011
Posted By: Bill