Clint Hamilton

Over the past ten years or so, Hope Church in St. Louis, Missouri, had the priviledge of having Pastor Bob Widbin as one of our associate pastors. I had heard so much about the Widbin children, Bryan, Ron and Randy, from Pastor Bob. Bob was so proud of his family that his family became my family! I also had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Widbin as he would visit our church whenever he was passing through the St. Louis area. It was such an honor for my wife and I to finally be able to go on a trip to Israel led by Dr. Widbin and Pam Schwartz. Dr. Wibin’s extensive knowledge of the culture, archaeology, ancient cities and historical dates combined with his passion for Biblical truth proved to be such a blessing. The Bible and the character of God came to life in a new way as we traveled the land. We did not acquire a bunch of knowledge through dates and times, but came to understand the person of God and His Son, Jesus, as we traveled the land of Israel from Dan to Beersheba. I will never forget visiting Kursi, Capernaum, looking into the city of Nain and touching the rock that shook when Jesus rose from the dead. All wonderful parts of my faith! Dr. Widbin has a passion to see the next generation embrace the truths of God’s Word and pass them on to the next generation. Whether teaching us to sing a song in Hebrew, answering our many questions or simply eating a meal with us, it was a privilege to learn more about the God we worship.

It was also an honor to be able to go on this trip with a great group of young adults from the ATS. Their enthusiasm and joyful spirits made it such a wonderful community to be a part of for 12 days. God bless you all in your future service to Jesus!

It was so fun to be able to pass on pictures and information to my church back home as we traveled to each site. They so looked forward to my being able to share with them my experiences.

Thank you also to Pam for serving us and keeping us on track.

Lord willing I will be able to go on another trip with Dr. Widbin.

Grace and peace to all,
Clint Hamilton
Hope Church

Date of Posting: 28 January 2013
Posted By: Clint Hamilton
Pastor at Hope Church, St. Louis, Missouri