Jane Chou

I have been across the globe in my travels, but I must say this one has been the most meaningful for me! The closest I came across was in Turkey at St John’s Basilica which was in ruins of course. Unfortunately, the secular guide passed out incorrect information (he said the apostle’s John body was buried here when I discovered later in the History Channel the body was exhumed and shipped to Rome).

I thank Dr. Widbin for his passion and his CSI approach to debunking errors in the Christian bible/traditions. The land truly is the Fifth Gospel. It is the Bible coming to life and I feel every Christian should experience this at least once in their lifetime.

You cant believe how tickled pink I am to tell the Hezekiah tale and pass out ancient pottery shards and Dr Widbin’s Philistine picture to my Bible class that studied Isaiah. The instructor was getting excited when I told her what I had. Being at the site where it all happened is one thing but bringing home the archeological proof and a piece of that time period was quite another.
And I didnt even yet get to tell her about the new testament sites which entailed Jesus.

Truly a moving experience from Jesus’ actual birthplace, through his ministry to his actual cruxification and tomb site. Every physical step was an emotional step closer to my personal Lord.

Date of Posting: 17 January 2012
Posted By: Jane Chou
Christian, New Jersey