Mon Chan

This is the most (…) trip that I have been to in my life. Jan 4-15, 2012

… Most impacting, most insightful, most challenging, most invigorating, most awakening and most enjoying

This trip is quite a spiritual awakening and inspiring experience. With the long 10.5 hours flight and 7 hours’ time zone differences, most morning waken up by 6:30am, I was looking forward to every day and got up before the wake-up calls.

Visiting all the historical sites around the holy land, a rock at Megiddo, eating the St. Peter fish, boat ride in the Sea of Galilee, touching the spring that sustained David, walking down the Snake Path at Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, singing in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, stood where Jesus preached, crying at the Wailing Wall and Caiaphas’ house, walking the path of Via Dolorosa to the tomb complex; knowing He is risen; experiences truly God given and not soon forgotten.

One man can make a difference and Dr. Bryan Widbin has certainly made one for me in this trip. Bryan’s teaching and challenges have and will continue to impact me. The painted word pictures, descriptions and explanations made by Bryan bring the Bible alive in this holy land. Bryan’s genuine love for people and God was felt throughout the trip.

The fellowship with the group was a tremendous blessing.

There are so many things to review… to ponder… to evaluate…

I give thanks and glory to God and may God continue to give Bryan health and blessings for his ministries.

Date of Posting: 16 January 2012
Posted By: Mon Chan
New Jersey