Nick Mikhaluk

It was amazing trip, second for me and first for our group of 45 people from Ukraine, US and Kazakhstan. I am not native English speaking person, I am very limited in my ability to tell how beautiful it was, so I use this word “amazing”, trying to describe our experience. Historic sites was very meaningful and impressive, but it will be just ruins and buildings without Bryan Vidbin knowledge and guiding. He has ability to make pictures of the Bible to become alive and vivid so much, it will touch you deep and it will change your life. It happened to me, it will happen to anybody who will visit this land with Bryan. It is not only historic, Bible knowledge and experience you are taken with you back home, you are coming as person, whose life changed right there and will continue to change forever. I wish all of you to get that experience, and I hope Dr. Bryan Vidbin will be blessed by God with strengths and ability to continue his ministry for Glory of God.
Nickolay Mikhaluk
Kiev, Ukraine “International Partnerships”
Date of Posting: 19 June 2012
Posted By: Nick Mikhaluk
Director of christian mission International Partnerships, Kiev, Ukraine