Pat Wonsettler

Brian opened our eyes to not only the physical, cultural and spiritual history of the Holy Land but also to the cultural effects of life in the various climatic regions of this much traversed and disputed land.

He is a talking encyclopedia on this part of the world. His bounding energy, limitless enthusiasm, and human compassion are easily apparent and undeniable. His humor and life experiences deeply enriched our dream of a lifetime to visit the land that Jesus knew and walked, where the patriarchs of the Bible lived and died.

Singing songs of Bethlehem in Bethlehem, songs of pain and then songs of joy in Jerusalem are etched in our hearts. Israel came alive as we made a huge circle around and through the West Bank, swam in the Dead Sea, traversed the Negev, drove through Judea, walked up & down the streets and alleyway of Jerusalem.

Truly a gift from God…..

Date of Posting: 16 July 2011
Posted By: Pat Wonsettler