Sukmay Yei

What an inspirational trip to experience God! With the itinerary in hand we lift it up to God, ask that He shows us what He wants us to see, and He answers in an amazing way!

When standing on the Scripture sites listening to Dr. Widbin’s sharing from historical, cultural, archeological and geographical perspectives, I see God’s almightiness and sense His great love pouring onto me; also I starts to visualize more vividly how much Jesus, the Old Testament forefathers and the New Testament apostles have gone via in order for me (a gentile) to have a chance to hear the gospel. Throughout the trip, we are blessed with many memorable chances to “cross boarder” as if Jesus does: Within our very multi-ethnic and multi-age group we build great homey friendships, outside our group we dialogue with local people of Muslim and Judaism faith, and experience what it means by unity under God’s love and peace – I am deeply touched by all these!

Though the itinerary is so rich and there are so many to see, the schedule still gives me enough time to fellowship, to rest, to have private time with God and to reflect. Everything is so well balanced. With all these deep refreshing experiences from God, I can’t wait sharing with people after I return. As a matter of fact, I have already done two teaching sessions in my church and the participants are deeply motivated by God’s love too!

To me this is a live-changing and eye-opening trip – not just my physical eyes, but also my spiritual eyes! May God continue to bless more people through this wonderful trip!

Date of Posting: 23 January 2013
Posted By: Sukmay Yei
Christian, New York, New York