I have just returned from a long awaited trip to Israel.. and was delighted that the leader was Dr R. Bryan Widbin. He shared so much knowledge (biblical, archeological and historical) with us from his life long experiences, teachings and devotion to honoring God. Our travels to see important biblical sites were foundational for a […]

Ellen Kauffman

This was an amazing experience. We were able to become part of the biblical world in so many ways. We walked and stood in places that most people only read about. The Bible was made alive on this trip both intellectually and spiritually. Experiencing biblical tradition from the on site point of view really enhanced […]


This was an amazing trip! Israel is unlike any other place that I have ever been and Dr. Widbin made the Old Testament come alive. Hearing him speak give me a greater understanding of the OT stories and a better insight into the NT teachings of Jesus. It was unbelievable to be able to not […]

Angie Valli

I recently went on a trip to Israel which was led by Dr. Widbin. This was my 2nd trip there but it was a much more enriching experience. We went off the beaten path and met Arabs and Druze as well as orthodox Jews. We rode on camel back and saw a glorious sunrise over […]

Joye Dawkins

Over the past ten years or so, Hope Church in St. Louis, Missouri, had the priviledge of having Pastor Bob Widbin as one of our associate pastors. I had heard so much about the Widbin children, Bryan, Ron and Randy, from Pastor Bob. Bob was so proud of his family that his family became my […]

Clint Hamilton

This was my second trip to Israel. While my first trip provided to be informative and powerful. My pilgrimage with Dr. Widbin this January was life changing. I met God in ways I did not expect. I heard his voice clearly, at every site and through every lecture. I am not the woman I was […]

Madelyn Badillo

What an inspirational trip to experience God! With the itinerary in hand we lift it up to God, ask that He shows us what He wants us to see, and He answers in an amazing way! When standing on the Scripture sites listening to Dr. Widbin’s sharing from historical, cultural, archeological and geographical perspectives, I […]

Sukmay Yei

“Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” For those who had quite a unique experience in Israel this January,that motto will hopefully bring a smile. We had the opportunity to bond, not only in spirit as God moved in and through […]

Pam Schwartz

It was amazing trip, second for me and first for our group of 45 people from Ukraine, US and Kazakhstan. I am not native English speaking person, I am very limited in my ability to tell how beautiful it was, so I use this word “amazing”, trying to describe our experience. Historic sites was very […]

Nick Mikhaluk

Bryan, your guiding through the ten-day trip has given us a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible. The Old and New Testament readings at Mass mean so much more to us than before we went to Israel with you. Date of Posting: 27 March 2012 Posted By: Guy and Ginny

Guy and Ginny

Visiting Israel with Dr. Widbin was an extraordinary experience! The Old Testament sites came to life with his narration. His knowledge of archeology, geography, and the Bible was remarkable. His passion for teaching and for Christ was evident as we spent 10 days together driving through Israel from Tel Aviv to the Sea of Galilee […]

Susan Kwan

I have been across the globe in my travels, but I must say this one has been the most meaningful for me! The closest I came across was in Turkey at St John’s Basilica which was in ruins of course. Unfortunately, the secular guide passed out incorrect information (he said the apostle’s John body was […]

Jane Chou

This is the most (…) trip that I have been to in my life. Jan 4-15, 2012 … Most impacting, most insightful, most challenging, most invigorating, most awakening and most enjoying This trip is quite a spiritual awakening and inspiring experience. With the long 10.5 hours flight and 7 hours’ time zone differences, most morning […]

Mon Chan

“Why am I going to Israel? I want to see, hear, touch, and smell the land of the Bible.” Those were the first words in the journal I kept during my life changing adventure to Israel under the Spirit-led direction of Dr. Widbin. Upon being greeted with an almond blossom, I knew that this experience […]

Pam Schwartz

Brian opened our eyes to not only the physical, cultural and spiritual history of the Holy Land but also to the cultural effects of life in the various climatic regions of this much traversed and disputed land. He is a talking encyclopedia on this part of the world. His bounding energy, limitless enthusiasm, and human […]

Pat Wonsettler

Well, its been about four weeks since we left for Israel and about 2 1/2 weeks since we got back from Israel. I wanted to take a few lines to say “thank you” for a wonderful trip/tour. Doris and I are still processing some of the information. We did an Israel presentation in our church […]


I have traveled to Israel on five occasions with Bryan Widbin. Each experience was enriching as we stepped back in the cultural world of the Bible and experienced the stores in the settings they occurred. It is not wonder that St. Jerome referred to the land as the “fifth gospel,” because it sheds so much […]

Doug Conley

Dr. Widbin is a passionate communicator who is amazingly knowlegable and has a deep love for the land of Israel. I feel slightly biased because I also know Dr. Widbin as a professor at Alliance Theological Seminary, and his teaching/ministry in the classroom has deeply impacted me. Because of this, I went into my trip […]

Katie George

We have traveled to Israel with Bryan Widbin twice in the last ten years. The first time was with a group from our church and the second time we were blessed to be with all of our children and their significant others. What a gift! Both trips were equally life altering. Bryan’s love for our […]

Joyce Evans

I knew Brian from his classroom, and now I have seen him in his home, Israel. He speaks from a razor sharp mind and an authentic and transparent heart. After twenty-five years or so of leading trips to Israel, he is still moved at virtually every turn. I will never forget our day in Korazim, […]

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